iHandler Pro Demo Video

Pre-production and final execution of product demonstration video for an invoicing app. Used Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to create all assets and animate.

It was fun using storytelling to explain the functionality of the software. Lot’s of room for innovation and character!

Check the URL for the final video!

  • Role Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Animator
  • For Red-Eyed Software
  • Type Product Demonstration Video
  • URL www.ihandlerpro.com/

^ Still taken from the video, including the product's logo and a splash of illustration. Finding ways to make the dialogue entertaining was a fun challenge.

^ Storyboard sample of the process behind the animation. Planned out each frame’s layout and detailed the animations and what parts of the dialogue trigger which scene. Wanted to make sure I was showcasing the product as best I could!

^ A model sheet of the characters from the video! All created in Illustrator CC and ready to be puppeteered in After Effects. Having them all look good together was important!

^ Fleshed out layout of a scene from the animatic. Had to make sure it was just how we wanted it before it got animated. Check out the full video at http://www.ihandlerpro.com/ !