HARBOR Initiative

Worked one-on-one with the founder of this start up to create a logo that would drive their campaign. Focused on sound geometric design and clear visibility on all platforms for the app-to-be.

  • Role Graphic Designer
  • For The Harbor Initiative
  • Type Logo, App Icons, Presentation Visuals

^ The title card and splash page for the campaign. We wanted it to feel welcoming and grounded, just like it’s namesake.

^ The logo’s proportions were of the utmost importance. We were looking for consistency and readability, and for it to be pleasing in general, so I built it using geometric guidelines.

^ To truly test the logo, we ran it through the paces and checked to see how it would look in various formats, particularly as an app icon!

^ Visualizing your product in it's final form is important, so why not make a full mock up? Makes for a really exciting meeting to see your creation looking like it's ready for liftoff!

^ An app goes through many pitches while in it’s fledgling stages, and a pictures worth a thousand words! Having a visual to help convey the flow and purpose of your mission can really help sell the idea, and I’m more than happy to lend a visual boost to any project.